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Object Moved This document may be found here. Пройди путь героя во времена великих походов викингов и древних славян. Материалы и методы. В исследование включили 24 пациента с артериальной гипертонией. Новый Год — это один из самых ожидаемых и We offer you a chance to invite the the winter fairytale straight to your home. All you need to know about a quint (5-person tandem bicycle) A Quint is a 5-Person Tandem Bicycle. We are riding a quint to travel the 7, miles to Alaska.

It is especially designed to fit our family.

With the use of couplers it can be reduced from a quint to a quad, triplet or tandem. This will provide us with flexibility on the trip, whether it is for shopping or for transporting the bicycle on a ferry. Why we chose this tandem bicycle for our family Both Cheyenne and Jasmine can ride their bikes very well.

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  • But of course they are way to small to go all the way to Alaska on their own bikes. They do enjoy pedaling a bike, so we looked into tandem bicycles.

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    Looking at tandem bicycles on the web showed us that even little ones like Robin can ride. With the help of a stoker kit - a T-off from the main chain, reaching up to a crank set the child can reach, connected with an additional chain - Robin can become part of the pedaling experience. We knew there were triplets - bicycles built for three. The funny thing with online research is that you keep on clicking.

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    One story leads to another. A triplet led us to a quint. This has opened up a totally new horizon for us.

    We will all go at the same speed and all three girls will be able to pedal. We contracted with him to build our quint.

    A Quint is a 5-Person Tandem Bicycle

    The frame is build by Co-Motion in Eugene, Oregon. It was the best thing we could have done.

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    Neither have we been avid bikers who know about the gear to put on it. Now that we have the bike, we can start training for the journey.

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    Return to Pedouin Home Page. Our first encounter with a quint. Our quint bicycle arrived in May.