Как правильно рассчитать экспресс новичку

Как правильно рассчитать экспресс новичку

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I was at a location house a few weeks ago, owned by interiors stylist Catherine Woram and architectural designer Michael Bains. I was captivated how beautiful the entire house was. Every room. But it was the bathrooms that did it for me — I need one of these!


Each bathroom was full of beautiful, clever details all in perfect harmony. A perfect retreat from the stresses and strains of the world, your own private spa. The flat whiteness of the walls and painted floor are fresh and uplifting. The huge over mantel mirror bounces light all around and by painting the ornate frame white it looks perfect over the basins.

The sense of light in this room is perfect for anyone with weakened eyesight: details are crisp and defined. Catherine Woram has used an shabby and ornate console table as a basin stand. Its fun and its chic.

Как правильно рассчитать экспресс новичку

Complementing the shabby paintwork and wooden top is a rustic copper basin.. It looks fantastic and this basin stand is in fact ideal for anyone who needs to pull up a stool when using the sink.

The basin and tap styling is Moroccan French rustic chateau meets modern, sleek chrome.

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This is exactly what Build Mum a House is all about. White floor boards, pale flat greys shades, chandeliers, copper basins. I took some photos on my phone to try and capture the magic… and then as I turned to leave the room I noticed the bathroom door lock.

Как правильно рассчитать экспресс новичку

Absolutely beautiful, inspired, on theme AND completely up my street. In I was 8.

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I got stuck in a Hayling Island beach car park toilet. As I had gone to leave, the catch on the big brass mechanism was so fiddly, the old penny dropped down inside the brass mechanism. I was left behind in the locked cubicle. I wailed. Finally, a very kind lady heard me and put another penny in the lock. I am not alone on this one. And do you know what this bathroom features as a door lock?

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The lock on the door is a Moroccan Aldrop and latch. This is a very nice decorated version of a metal sliding bolt, that you can see when you wander round the souks and admire the ancient Moorish buildings and their intricate front doors. Buildmumahouse is all about finding chic interiors that are perfect for age proof living, for aging at home, for anyone with mobility issues, young or old. Proof that a beautiful interior can be ageproof.

Click here to have a look at the bathroom styled by Catherine Woram which I feature in […]. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Как правильно рассчитать экспресс новичку

Notify me of new posts by email. An amazing spa bathroom for any age June 7, Read more posts like this one. Build Mum a House.


Turn the lights on with a wide rocker…! April 5, Youth Boost — can it banish Hot Flush Frizz?

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Tresemme Hair Products Test August 25, Calculate BTU or how to choose the right size radiator. November 1, Reply 5 tips to Upsize your Downsized home with Marianne Shillingford — Build Mum a House July 13, at am […] with pure white or very pale cool shades which will reflect light further into the space. Reply The Buildmumahouse 10 step guide to your forever home. Next Post Electronic surveillance systems.

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Are you spying on your parents or just keeping an eye out for them? Instagram Slider. Find us on Facebook.

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How do you calculate the correct size of radiator for each room? Getting the right size radiator for your…. Made with in London.

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